Monday, November 2, 2009

Updates, a new look, and At The Well

Good Monday morning to all my blogging friends. I know that I have neglected my blogs horribly, but I wanted to pop in a give an update on what our family has been up to, and show off my new look for the season :-).
I have been very busy in recent weeks. Some of you know that I aspire to have our own family photography business. I would ideally love to do family photography (taking pictures of families, babies, seniors etc.), but I am not quite ready yet to venture out into that realm yet. A little more practice perhaps, and a portfolio will help. If anyone who's a local friend of mine would like to let me practice on your family and include the pictures in my portfolio, I would be happy to do that, and you could only pay for prints that you would like to have.
Although I am not ready to branch out that far yet, we have started our own small business on Etsy. I have taken many of the pictures that we have and turned them into scripture prints! I've really enjoyed doing this, and now we have started our own little business, that I hope will supplement our income, but also be a blessing to others while spreading the Word of God! If you want to check it out you can find it here.

This is exciting, but there are many other things going on in our lives too. Audrey has been practicing twice a week now for her role as a little mouse in the Nutcracker. She has been in the clouds with excitement over this. She is such a little performer, and social butterfly. We are looking forward to seeing her perform on December 11th and 12th. Of course I have volunteered to be a chaperone for long rehearsals, and that is fun!

Our family has also been going through a spiritual revival of sorts here in recent weeks. We are purging things from our lives that are not profitable, or not honoring to God. We are getting back to more Bible Study, and we are even changing our homeschool curriculum to fit these goals. It's really going back to our original goals for our family, that we seem to have wandered away from amidst all the trials in our lives over the past couple of years. We are glad to be getting back to the old paths. I will talk more about this on my homeschool blog, along with sharing more about our new curriculum, and what I'm learning.

We enjoyed a different kind of Halloween this year. We have never celebrated Halloween, but this year we decided to take the kids out during trick or treat time, not dressed up, and collect canned goods for our local food pantry. It was a blessed time, and a way for us to use a day that is characterized by things of darkness, and bring some light to it!

So, those are some things going on in our family. I really want to do a Monday post on At The Well, as they are discussing hospitality today, which I think is important. I am out of time for today, but let me just say....I often feel like I can't be hospitable because of the state of my house, and my somewhat anti-social husband. But, I believe in it, and it is something Rob and I both hope to change in the future! Have a read by clicking on At the Well. It's a great article, and I hope you all do a better job of this then our family does!

Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks Liz - I needed to read that - I never have people over because my excuse is my house is to small. Sounds pretty silly though now that I have that typed out. Anyway, Emma will be turning 3 on the 14th and if you have some free time NEXT week (this week is to crazy for us too) I would love for you to do her "Emma - age 3" portrait. Just let me know some times that work for you