Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Hi all and Happy New Year! First of all, I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas! As always, the start of a New Year has been a time of reflection for me on what I can do better, and what I can change altogether. I like to make goals for myself every year. I generally put them into categories. Spiritual Goals, Personal Goals, Physical Goals, Parenting Goals, Homeschool Goals. I won't tell you every single one of my goals or "resolutions" as many call them...but I will share some of them.

Spiritual Goals
1) Be closer to God through more regular quiet time with him!
2) Seek to share Christ with more people this year than I did last.
3) Use Philippians 4:8 as a guide to what I do, watch, listen to, etc..
4) Seek to have a meek and quiet spirit.

Personal Goals
1) Look for more ways to serve others this year.
2) Spend time blogging at least 4 times a week.
3) Spend a little time weekly working on relearning my violin.
4) Take a picture every day for my 365 project
5) Look for a way every day to show Rob that I appreciate him.
6) Find a time to do something no matter how little every day one on one with each of my kids.
7) Get and stay organized

Physical Goals
1) Lose at least 25 pounds before I get pregnant again ;-) through exercising at least 5 days a week, and watching my calories more closely.
2) drink more water daily.
3) Be in shape so that I have energy to keep up with everything I need to do.
4) Try to keep myself looking nice daily for my husband instead of looking sloppy.

Parenting Goals/Homeschool Goals (to save a little time I will put these together)
1) Speak more quietly and gently to my older children (no sarcasm)
2) Be consistent with my little ones (stop what I'm doing to correct..even when I don't feel like it)
3) Be consistent with grading and recording their school work (giving them daily feedback on their work)
4) Make sure they see me working and learning as well on a daily basis (don't sit on Facebook while expecting them to be working hard!)
5) Make sure I have everything planned and ready for them to go in the mornings so as not to waste time.
6) NEVER skip time in the Word for the sake of academics...keep priorities straight!

These are the things that I will be working on this New Year. I have verses written out for many of these, to memorize and help me stay on track, but for now as I get ready to go to bed....if you haven't yet thought about what you want to work on this year..let me encourage you that it is never too late! As a Christian I am called to do everything heartily as unto the Lord, and each new year that God gives us is an opportunity to start fresh, to recognize our sins of the previous year, repent and move forward with His Holy Spirit to guide us! If we aim at nothing...we will hit it every time! I hope to be able to come back to you this time next year and tell you that I mastered at least a couple of these goals...for the glory of my Lord! Blessed New Year to all of you, and if you get a chance I would love to hear about what you all are working on for the upcoming year.

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