Monday, July 27, 2009

At the Well- Family Vision

Good morning all. Today the ladies At the Well are discussing having a Family Vision. I'm not going to have time today to share with you all, our family visions because we are leaving for a fun family trip this morning. However, I plan to share what we have written down for our family visions in a later post! I also want you all to think about the importance of having a vision and goals for your family! Please click on the At the Well link above, and check out what they have to say about it this morning, because they have already taken the words out of my mouth about it. It is so important!
Although I don't have our general family vision handy to include right now, here is an example from my homeschool blog of our family homeschool mission page. This is just an idea of what it means for our family to set goals based on scripture. Click here to see this. I hope you all have a blessed day, and begin to think about how you can put to paper what you want to see happen in your family today! for a day of family fun!!

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