Friday, July 17, 2009

Loving Your Husband Friday- Stand By Me

I love my husband today because he loves me enough to want to help me make things right. When I do or say something that causes hurt or offense, even if I did not intend it that way, he gently helps me to see how I could have done better. He does not get angry with me, even if I have done something that reflected badly on him. He is willing to listen and understand that my intentions were good, and he looks at my intentioins, not on the negative action. He gives me the benefit of the doubt, because he knows me, and wants me to be the best person I can be. He's a great husband for this. I've been very thankful for him this week, in being so understanding, when I have had one of those kind of weeks where it seemed even my best intentions ended up coming out the wrong way!
And even better, in the past when I have said or done something, and my intentions were not good, he is always willing to forgive, because he understands that we all fall short, and we all will do things to let each other down. I only hope that I do as good a job at this as he does!
Hopefully next week will be better, and he can only be proud to say that I am his wife, the same way that I am proud that he is my husband!
Please Join Shannon for more Loving Your Husband today, and pray for the marriages of others!


  1. On this glorious friday morning I want to say I love my husband so much. I have no reasons or why I love him. I just love him, and am loving him always.

  2. Elizabeth-I am sure you always make Rob proud that you are his wife! I prayed for your marriage. . . . and Rob with the kids this weekend. Thank you for going down to see Lenore this weekend. We come home for the weekend. . . and it makes it easier knowing that Herb will have support there. We love you guys!