Monday, July 13, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday- Favorite Things

The topic for this weeks Friend Makin Monday is favorite things. Now, I'm already starting out on a bad footing here, because I see so many others have included neat pictures to go with their list of their favorite things. As much as I would love to find pictures to go with all of my favorite things, I could likely get another load of laundry done, and vaccuum the living room and feed the baby in the time it would take me to do all of that. So, I'll try to be descriptive, so that you can close your eyes and envision what I am talking about. So, here are my 5 to 10 favorite things.

  1. Sandals....yes you heard me right. I think sandals are one of the best things ever invented. If you know me, you know that I would go barefoot all the time if possible. Who wants to be bothered with socks and tying shoes and all of that? My feet are rebellious, and long to be free. Now, since it isn't practical to go barefoot all the time, everywhere, then sandals are the wonderful compromise. I also wish that my children could wear sandals all year long. How, how much easier life would be. I look forward to summer for the simple fact of sandals weather. Ok, everyone, throw on your sandals/crocs, and let's go! Sooo easy! Give me a good pair of Birkenstock sandals, and weather warm enough to wear them and I am happy!
  2. of God's greatest creations. I'm thinking alot about blueberries as I am thinking next week, we are going to head up to our blueberrie place (the one we go to every year), and get about 30 pounds of blueberries. MMM....just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Delicious and nutritious, you can't beat that can you. Not to mention all the berries that I will freeze, that will supply us with blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry smoothies, and blueberry pie for the whole winter. I personally never tire of blueberries, and my kids love them too!
  3. My MP3 player! I go crazy when my player loses it's charge. I like to listen to my own music while I am doing my chores. I've been a music junkie my whole life, and I think and MP3 player is one of the best inventions. Gone are the days when I had to fast forward through songs I don't like. Now, I can just put the songs I like on there, and I'm good to go. Love it!
  4. Little House on the Prairie. Ok, this sounds silly, but I love Little House on the Prairie. I love the books, I love the show (except the last season or two kind of went downhill). I can sit down and watch episodes with my kids, and it is entertaining, but there is always something to teach them something valuable about History, or character.
  5. Chocolate...ok, I can't talk about things that are my favorite without mentioning chocolate.
  6. Lake Michigan. I love Lake Michigan. I have lived within an hour of the Lake my whole life, and I would rather go to Lake Michigan than the ocean any time. With Lake Michigan, it's so big, that you get the benefits, and feel of the ocean without all the irritating things about the ocean (salt water, sharks, jelly fish, crabs). Now, granted it might not always be as warm as the ocean, but the trade off works for me. There are also so many wonderful small towns on the coasts of Lake Michigan, that you could spend days just going up and down the coast, and have a whole vacation right there.
  7. The Bumbo seat. I got one of these from a friend when my Lily was just learning to sit up, and I have loved it. I use it to feed the babies there baby food, when it is too cumbersome to use a high chair for them yet. It also helps them learn to sit up on their own, and balance. I am now using it with Donna, and it works so well for me to sit in my recliner, feed her some bottle, and then sit her little seat on the foot stool of my recliner, and then feed her some food, then back to the bottle. Those were a great invention.
So, these are 7 of my favorite things. I look forward to hearing more from others. Sorry, no pictures! Have a great day, and head over to Dandelion Wishes today for more Friend Making Monday.

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