Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weight Loss Wendesdays-Intro

Ok all, I'm starting something new on my Living, Learning and Organizing blog called Weight Loss Wednesdays. I would love for anyone who is wanting to also start losing weight and getting healthier to join me, or if you just want to give some encouragement that would be great too. There is a better explanation in my introduction post. Let's encourage one another! Click this link to read the intro, and follow me on Wednesdays for this journey over there.
Thanks all! I hope to hear from some other moms out there who are wanting to get healthier, and thinner!


  1. I hear ya, as I'm sitting here eating an Oreo.

  2. LOL, thanks for the encouragement Genesa :-). For me some Oreos are ok as long as I can fit them into my calorie allowance for the day, and as long as the rest of my calories have more value to them! I don't deprive myself entirely...I just can't live that way, I just watch my serving sizes, and count the calories.