Friday, July 24, 2009

Loving Your Husband Friday- Putting Me Above Himself!

Today is Friday...which means focusing on our hubbys and what we love about them. I'm thanking the Lord today for a husband who stayed home with all seven of my kids for two whole days, while I went with my Dad to Dayton. The trip meant a lot to me, and he didn't even flinch about allowing me to go. He took good care of the kids while I was gone, and that even including getting them to church on time Sunday morning (even though the power went out). I knew it was going to be rough on him, but he was thinking more about me, and not about himself! I praise the Lord for a husband who is not only capable of taking care of our children when I need to be gone, but for a husband who cares enough about me to allow me to be gone when it is needed! He's a caring husband, and a great daddy! All 7 of them were alive and even dressed when I got home :-)!!

Join Shannon at The Peer Review for more focus on our husbands today!


  1. Ah, what a sweet, giving and sacrifical husband you have! Praying that your marriage will be fruitful and long lasting.

  2. That is really awesome that he did that for you. My husband probably would do that for me to, if needed, but we don't have 7 kids! Actually we only have one left at home, and he does a great job of taking care of himself! I admire you for having 7 kids. I am praying for your family. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  3. We are very thankful to both you for traveling down last weekend and Rob for watching the kids. How wonderful that he puts you first and loves you and his kids enough to take such great care of them! Prayed for your marriage. Thanks for linking up.