Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In His Word Wednesday- How are We spending our Time?

I apologize again, for another late post, but I am still recovering, and trying to do many things. I've taken up all my sick days :-)! Anyhow, I was reading in one of my mom's old bibles today, which I am very blessed to have in my possession since her death. My mom has so many notes, and writing in her bibles, that they are all falling apart. As it should be...I could only aspire to be the fervent studier of the word that my mom was. Anyhow something stuck out to me that she had underlined, and it goes along with something that I was already pondering before I read it.

James 4:14...For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. My mom had a full understanding of this verse, as both of her parents passed away at very young ages. I too, now understand this verse in ways that I could not before. Our lives are a vapor...and what are we doing with them? In this vapor of life that we have, how are we using our time? How are we using our money? And dear ladies in blogland, and are we using our words? Are we looking to serve, to minister, to bless, to encourage, to build up, to plant seeds, to promote the savior and his good works? Or, are we wasting this short time on this Earth with quarrels, and cutting words. Are we wasting our time with celebrities, and entertainment? Are we wasting our money on things that we will not be taking with us when we meet our glorious heavenly Father? These are questions that I have to stop and ask myself everyday. There is a song that I really love, by a group called the Marshalls. Part of it goes like this....Is there anything I would not do for you Lord, for the one, who came to die for me. Leaving my desires for you Lord, open my eyes that I might see. Father, take my heart, cleanse it in every part. Incline me to, always loving you, Longing to do your hearts desire......I wonder have I done enough for you Lord, when you have done so much for me.
We can never do enough for Jesus. Even though we don't have to do anything, but trust in Him for our salvation, we should never stop wanting to please Him, and let me assure you, we may not have as much time to do so, as we would like! I would like to spend all my time working for the Lord, and I know there are days when I won't, but perhaps our prayer for every morning should be.....tell me what I can do for you today Lord, so that I won't waste my time on the things that are not of you!

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  1. Wow great verse, thoughts, and prayer. I know I waste way too much time on things that don't matter. I love that prayer to say each morning!

    Thanks for linking, I really hope you're feeling better.