Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thinking Healthy Thursdays


Most of you have probably seen those commercials that say, "I'm thiking Arbys"...well, this is a little different, and hopefuly not as annoying as those commercials are! Some of you may know that I started a Weight Loss Wednesdays on my homeschool blog. To supplement that, I will be passing along a Healthy Tip on Thursdays on this blog. I have a couple different sources that I receive health tips from on a daily or weekly basis. I will be passing some of those along, as well as anything else that I have learned over the years about health and fitness! These will not neccessarily be simply eating healthy tips, but also anything that involves our health. Health is important, although we should never let wanting to be healthy take the place of God in our lives. Even our desire to be healthy, can sometimes become an unhealthy obsession. If anyone wants to join me in talking about our health of Thursdays that would be great! If not, than just enjoy the tips that I pass along, and hopefully they will help everyone take one more step forward to being healthy!
My first tip is one of the most simple. Drink lots of water. Most people know this, but knowing and doing are two different things. Drinking water does a lot of different things for our bodies. It keeps us hydrated, it gives us energy, it helps us lose weight, it nourishes our skin, it keeps our bowels regular, it helps fight infections, it keeps us from feeling thirsty. There are so many benefits to drinking water on a regular basis. Water is better for us then pop, juice, coffee, tea, or even milk. Without it, we can't live. I have heard that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. What I have done in the past to help me get my water drinking in, is to fill up a 4 quart container of water, and put it in my fridge. I commit myself to drinking all of it by the end of the day. This way I don't have to count how many glasses of it I've had, I just know that when that container is empty, I have had at least an adequate amount of water for the day. So very important for us. I personally know that drinking water can help with weight loss, and help you stay energized during the day. Try going a few days drinking the amount of water that you should, and see what kind of difference it will make in how you feel!
If you are joining me in losing weight, I also drink extra water before and after a workout, or any strenuous exercise. This is in addition to my 4 quart container! And, if you are a nursing mama right now......this is essential to helping you keep up a good quality milk supply. So, as the Wiggles would say...."gulp, gulp, drink some water, it's so good for you!"
If you have any other thoughts on water, please share them, and join me next week for my next Thinking Healthy tips! God Bless!


  1. This is so good-Thank you for posting this. My 16 year old son just read a book we've had for 7 years by Dr. Gary Smalley, "Food and Love". He is eating healthy and trying to get us to completely get rid of all processed foods. I will enjoy your tips!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I like a slice of lemon in my water. First I wash the whole lemon, cut it up into pieces & keep in the frig in a baggie. I've tried limes & cucumber also, but the lemon is the best! Helps me to not get bored!
    Kim B.