Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Fun!

Family Fun Fridays

I would like to start something new on Fridays. In addition to focusing on our husbands, I want to take the time to focus on fun. Weekends are a good time to have fun together as a family. Having fun together is one of the best ways to build our relationships, and grow closer together. Let's share with each other ways in which our families like to have fun together. What does your family do to have fun and build relationships? Leave me a comment, or post in on your blog and leave me the link please.

One of the ways my family likes to have fun, is to go to a place called Fernwood. Fernwood is a nature preserve, that we have been members at since Rob and I were first married. We go there very often!! It is wonderful and educational family fun. We walk, talk, laugh and learn while we are there. Our children have learned to enjoy the world around them, and it always gives us a chance to exercise and get some fresh air. We all thoroughly enjoy our trips there. If you have place like a Fernwood nearby, I think the cost of a membership is greatly worth the experiences that it allows a family....for fun!!

Let me know what plans you have for fun in the near future...or what you have done in the past!


  1. We have family fun on the weekends as well. I have shared custody of my son, so every other weekend we have a family activity. Sometimes we go to the park, a museum, the zoo, ride bikes, or just play basketball together in the yard.

  2. Thursday's are our family fund day (Aaron's day off). We love to hike. Our new favorite, though, is letterboxing. We've gone twice now, ad we've had a great time!