Thursday, May 28, 2009


A watched pot never boils!! A watched spinach never grows!!
I shot this picture of Audrey today when she was watching the pot to boil for the macaroni and cheese, it made me think of that saying. I remembered there was a picture of Elias looking at the spinach seedlings that are failing to grow this year, and it made me think of the same thing!
Kids have such a hard time waiting for stuff, don't they? Sometimes God has to remind all of us that a watched pot never boils.......if we keep looking for something in our lives that we want to have happen, we might miss out on the blessings that he has for us right this moment. For some reason this reminded me that while I'm standing around "watching the pot", I might be missing out on something else that God might have for me to do. children bring so many lessons into my mind. What can we do to help keep us from watching the pot? I would tell my kids to find something profitable to do while they were waiting. I think this would be good advice for all of us. We go through different seasons of our lives, when we wish we could be doing something else...I know I do anyways. But, if I just slow down and ask God to use me in the season that He has me in, and keep busy with his work (no matter how mundane it may seem). I might find that once the pot is boiling, I will be more prepared to finish the work, and I will have lived with contenment for the time that I had to wait.
The pot, like our spinach plants, may never boil. We may never get to do that thing that we feel we really want to do, but if we stop "watching", and start trusting Him to take care of it, we may just forget all about it, as my children sometimes do after they find something more profitable to occupy their time. There are many things that I think I would like to do, but I know I can't in this season of my life. I'm going to work on not "watching the pot", and on doing the things that I can do in this season, at this time, for God's glory!

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  1. Great thoughts!! It's true if we only think of the future we're probably missing the now!!!

    Thanks for the post!