Sunday, May 31, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday

I found this great thing for Sundays hosted by Wendy at that is called Small Town Snapshot Sunday. We love small towns, and happen to live near many of them. Our actual town does not qualify, however, quite a few of our neighboring towns here in Southwest Michigan, do.
These pictures were taken at one of our family's favorite spots. This is outside of a small town called Berrien Springs, MI. This barn is very old, and is owned by the Stover Family. It's a great place for fresh seasonal produce, many homeade canned products, cider, and just plain good downhome service and smiles! Our children have always loved it, and there are always kittens floating around to be chased and loved.
Stovers always hosts a Relay for Life fundraiser in June, with delicious food, and prize baskets to be won...all for donation only! We take our kids every year.
Please join Wendy for more Small Town Sundays by clicking on the banner above, or the link in my first paragraph!


  1. What a neat idea. We live in a small town (a village, really) and I think I might run out of things to take pictures of. Thanks for stopping by! I'm enjoying reading your blog.

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I love all the pictures you shared.

    April E.

  3. I love the store/market! I want to go in there myself. (It would be a bit of a drive!! ha!)

  4. I love good photos of beautiful nostalgic places :) Thanks for sharing.
    By the way have you checked out

    I'm Strong Quiver there come check us out!

  5. Thanks for participating in STSS! I hope you will join us for future weeks. I love seeing small towns all around the world! :)