Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life Walk!

Niles Life Walk!!!
Today we had the pleasure of doing the walk for life for our town, Niles. This was sponsored by the Pregnancy Care Center, a pro-life center that helps pregnant women when they don't know where to turn. For the walk, you get sponsors, and we walked from the park, to the abortion clinic downtown. Outside the abortion clinic, we stopped to pray for the women that come to this center, and for the employees. Approximately six babies are killed here every Tuesday, just in our little city! So we prayed together, and then walked back to the park,
The kids enjoyed it, and our church had the most walkers this year. Our family of nine certainly helped with that. Our family has a burden to see abortion come to an end in America, but most importantly, that a revival and a turning of these women to Christ would be the means by which this would happen.
I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to participate in something like this in their town to do so. Or to give to their local pro-life crisis pregnancy center. Our precious children are worth it, and so are these women who need to know Christ!

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