Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank the Lord for my Children

Thank the Lord Thursday

I've decided to dedicate Thursdays as a day when I choose something that I am truly thankful for. I hope that you will join me. Of course every day we should be thankful....."rejoicing always in all things!", but it doesn't hurt to take a special day for it. I wanted to use this picture of my little ones praying for this because nothing touches my heart more than the prayers and thankfulness of my children! In Matthew 18:4 Jesus told his disciples when they were arguing over who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, "Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.". Children pray with such humility. It seems to be instinctive for them to approach the Lord as their Daddy and friend.

So, join with me each week in finding something you are particularly thankful for. Even small things are great blessings in our lives! Don't neglect the small things, but feel free to mention the large things too.

Today I am feeling thankful for the fact that my children enjoy being together and playing together! I had a picture for this as an example, but I haven't yet figured out how to post pictures at the end of or in the middle of a post yet. I had a picture of my son Owen playing with his baby sister while he was in the pool. I'm so grateful that my children are growing up to be friends with each other. Of course they fight on occassion, but they are always playing together, not because they have to, but because they like too. Not to mention how much the older ones enjoy playing with the babies and toddlers. It is truly a blessing!

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