Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tackling the Trouble Spots Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, and I worked on tackling a trouble spot today. I will try to put pictures in later, but today I worked on my toy corner in our living room. In the living room we have a corner with some stackable bins. The bins are for all of the various train track pieces and trains that we have. The bottom drawer is for baby/toddler toys, and various larger baby/toddler toys should go on the floor nicely in this corner.
I worked for about a half and hour, and got all the toys organized and put in the places where they belonged. It finally looks nice and neat again! Yea! With 7 kids, neatness like this doesn't last long, but for now....I can breathe a sigh of relief. My next project will be to go through all the kids' books, and get rid of some, and find organized places for all of them! It always feels good to accomplish something.


  1. It does feel good to accomplish even little things. Love your slide show! Steph

  2. Yes, little things are about all I get accomplished most days LOL! So, I have to appreciate what I can get. The corner is still clean two days later though...yea for the kids!!