Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy day and Menu Plans

Hi all. I was too busy today to do any formal posting, and now I'm just plain too tired!! Today my inlaws took my three oldest boys to Chicago, and I'm feeling so thankful to have them back safe and sound tonight. It's amazing how much I can worry about them when they are away from me in a big city like that. I really had to stop several times today and pray....Lord I'm trusting you. But now they are home, and I was relieved to have them back, and the little ones were so glad to see them!! My informal menu plan for the week looks like this:

  • Monday-leftovers
  • Tuesday-cabbage casserole (we never ate it last week)
  • Wednesday-chicken nuggets and french fries (frozen....I know, not terribly healthy)
  • Thursday-homeade Ziti
  • Friday-family get together
  • Saturday-same as Friday

I hope to do my Tackling the Tough Spots tomorrow, but we'll see. I've got a big job to do. I'm working on the kids' books. This may not leave me with time to actually post it. I will get to it eventually.

Now, my tired brain is giving up on me. I wish everyone a great night, and tomorrow is another day of radiation for my dad, and major house projects for us! Praise the Lord for my family all together again tonight.


  1. Family time is so fun but so exhausting! We traveled over 10 hours (round trip) for a great visit with Mikes grandparents on Saturday then my extended family reunion on Sunday. The reunion is cool - I step back and look at all these people and think to myself WOW I am related to them - some of them are quite the characters! It is good to be home but my babies needed some mommy love'n today so I did not get much done. Oh well!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for the nice comment on my 'chat box'. I just noticed it just now. Your blog is lovely too and if you ever have any questions about how to do anything just ask. It took me awhile to learn some of the ropes too! I think it takes most a bit of time so don't compare yourself; your blog is lovely! May I ask how you found me? I'll add your blog button to my click-able 'button' slide show. We have similar things in common; Christ being #1, then photography (although I'm a newbie) with I heart, and a few other things. I love how you have the 'Kids Publish Their Own Books' on your sidebar. That is so cool. I think kids writing their own books are the best books around if you ask me. :D Thanks for visiting my site. It is great meeting you!

    Hugs, Sarah Cecilia

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