Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Fun- Camping!!

Camping....some of the best summer family fun that our family has had. Few things can bring a family together like camping. It requires hard work, lots of exploration, enjoying nature, enjoying each other. Just the process of setting up your campground brings a family into a spirit of teamwork.
We haven't been camping in a couple years, but are looking forward to making a trip this summer. If you have never tried camping...just try it. It's cheap, and your kids will love it. Even if you are not much for camping, just try it once, you'll be amazed at how much fun you can have if you have a good attitude about it.

Share with me today, what your family is doing, or has done for family fun, and lets enjoy each other this summer!! Feel free to use my picture and blog about your family fun, or just leave me a comment. If you blog about it, link back to me, and let me know about your post!! Thanks all, and happy fun having!!

The kids exploring during our cabin camping trip to the UP of Michigan!

Ethan on our camping trip up the UP of Michigan!

This was tent camping with the boys when they were little!


  1. Mike and I use to camp before the girls came. I think they need to be a bit older before we try it again - though we did talk about just doing it in our backyard this year. It would not be fair to camp right now because one of us would have to set up alone while the other kept the little ones entertained. Everyone has their limits and I know we would go over ours if we attempted camping right now - hahaha!

    Oh, my favorite part about camping - the food! Hot Dogs, S'mores, Pudgie Pie creations, Foil pack dinners - yummy!!!!!

  2. I hear ya, Steph! You can't beat the food! It's good to know your limits. We've taken littles and babies camping in the past, and it is challenging. But, I still enjoyed it. When the girls are older, they will LOVE it! We especially like to camp at the beach where we can hike, or go to the beach either one. Lots of fun.

  3. Awww, kids love camping SO much. Well done! I'm following you through MBC. Thanks for following my blog.