Thursday, June 4, 2009

My dream is coming true!!

Ok, I've had this dream ever since I was a little girl! Well, I've actually had two dreams. The first was to someday have a horse. No horse yet, just a dog who's almost as big as a horse! The next dream was to have a piano. You know a real wooden upright piano. Your next question might be.......why do you dream of having a piano, when you've never known how to play? That's a good question, and I'm going to disappoint you because I don't really have a good answer for that. I've always wanted to learn to play, but have never had the opportunity.
My children, however, have been learning to play. My mother-in-law has been kind enough to teach them for free. We require learning to play in our house. They have to learn well enough to play in church, before they can move onto another instrument. But, because we only have a keyboard, and not a real piano, it makes their practicing difficult. Pianos are expensive. My oldest two are actually getting pretty good, by my, nonpianoplaying standards anyway! So, the other day, my husband suprised me and told me that someone locally was selling an upright piano for 100 dollars!! Needless to say, I was excited.

We went last night to see it, and it was everything I hoped for. A beautiful wooden upright piano. Immediately, thoughts of our family sitting around the piano and singing Christmas carols came flashing in my mind. How thrilling. Maybe, just maybe, I'll even have a chance to learn to play it. We wrote a check, and headed home.

Because the piano is in her basement, we have to have it professionally moved. Ah, the bubble bursts a little bit. The quote for moving the piano...........$275.00. Yes, that's right, almost 3 times what we are paying for the piano. Bluck!! My wonderful husband came to my rescue, and inflated my dream right back up by saying....."don't worry we will still buy it, we have all the tax return money." My prince! So tomorrow at noon, my dream will be walking in the door, with the movers, and going properly into my school room, where it will be properly banged on by little fingers, and beautifully played by bigger fingers. And, maybe, just maybe, I will learn to play it, and lead my little (or....big) family in a round of Christmas Carols............ Praise God that this little (or...big) girls dreams could come true!
Next.............................the horse I've always dreamed of...........or.........not!! :-)


  1. I took lessons for almost 10 years starting in the 1st grade. Why I never play in church - simple - I have chronic stage fright. It did not matter how hard my teacher tried I just could not do it. She would have recitals and all students were to play two pieces. She made a deal with me that if I played my first piece solo my second piece could be a duet with her. I loved playing with her so I would sit next to her during the recital and when I felt calm enough she would put me in (I was not on the list of students/pieces - she would just stand up and introduce my piece for me). I participated in a few competitions through school but you competed against yourself so to speak - everyone either got a 1st,2nd or 3rd not just one person. Playing in church was a different story - it never happened - totally froze up. My teacher finally convinced my mom that though God had given me the talent to play He had not given me the gift to perform. Needless to say I was her special student but I am thankful for her patience and understanding. The only reason I stopped lessons was because she fell ill and stopped teaching. I knew I could never find someone as special as her so I never took another lesson. I enjoy playing when I am completely alone - though I am very rusty now! Hope you get a chance to start learning - you will enjoy it!

  2. So glad to hear your dream is coming true! I hope you enjoy your piano and can teach yourself to play. I took lessons for a year as a child, so I can pick out simple tunes...but that's about it!