Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cancer organization- Check it out and Pray!

Hi all. I wanted to pass along a post from a blog that I saw this evening. Please read it and consider prayer for this organization and the people they serve. Cancer is such a life altering disease, and it comes with so much suffering. My dad has been doing pretty well. With 6 weeks of chemo and 3 days of radiation, he's still hanging in there. He has not been sick so far, and his energy level is still mostly up. So that has been a blessing. After the 5 weeks of radiation are complete, then he will wait two weeks before getting an MRI. The MRI will tell us whether or not they can attempt to go in and take the cancer out.
This organization is doing a wonderful service for those who are suffering physically, financially, and spiritually in this awful fight that they are thrust into! Not everyone does so well in this fight as my dad has. I am completely convinced that his doing so well is because he has so many people praying for him. So, check out the site, and take a few moments to pray! Thanks all!


  1. Praise God that your dad is doing ok with the chemo and radiation. I have been there (with my husband-on whom an update post is due), and it is a real blessing. We serve a wonderful God!

  2. Hi there, following you from MBC.