Friday, June 26, 2009

Loving Your Husband Friday- My Hero

Hi all! I'm loving my husband this morning. Of course I do every morning, but this morning I'm feeling very grateful for His coming to my rescue! I have been having a nasty flare up of my Psoriasis in the last few weeks. I finally got to the point where I can't take it anymore, and I decided to call my dermatologist. and get an appointment so he can prescribe me some of the nasty steroid cream that will help clear this up. Well, I called, and the receptionist promptly told me that there is nothing available until December 2nd!!! What!!?? I couldn't believe that, and I was frustrated at the idea of having to wait that long to do something about this. But, I took the appointment and figured I would talk to my family doc, and see if there was anything he could give me to tide me over. .....for 6 months!! I was feeling quite irritated with this as I know my dermotologists office does a lot of botox and plastic surgery, that kind of thing. I couldn't believe that they would not get me in to see the doc, while all these botox women were getting their appointments.
When I got off the phone, and told Rob, he was upset, and promptly got on the phone with the office, and in a calm manner, managed to get me an appointment for this coming Tuesday!! My hero!!! I felt very loved, for him to care enough to make a stink, and make sure that I was seen, as he knew how badly this flare up has been affecting me (very itchy,and burns). He's my knight in shining armor, and I just wanted to take this day to brag about him a little. He stood up for me, when I didn't have the courage! Now, just so everyone knows two things. He was not beligerant with the lady at all, just insistent. Also, it turns out they do have a seperate appointment list for medical issues, and botox/plastic surgery issues. I was glad to hear that!!

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  1. What a great hubby! I'm glad you got an appt. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  2. It's great to see other Christian moms online. I am always on the look-out for women like you...who are women like me!!
    (I saw you on Homemaking Cottage) Let's keep in touch!!!

  3. I'm so happy for Elizabeth. I have a knight and shining armor too. Thank God they will see you Tuesday. I will pray for relief during your wait. God bless my dear friend.

  4. Hoping and praying your derm person is good and with God's help gives you the best of care and treatment. Praying for your complete healing.