Thursday, June 18, 2009

Loving Your Husband Friday

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day alone with my husband. That was the first time we had been alone together like that in many months. It was such a nice day. It was strange though. We quickly realized, that we barely knew what to talk about. It is hard to reconnect sometimes when you go for a long time just being mom and dad, and not cultivating the husband and wife relationship. It made us realize how important it is that we take steps to cultivate our relationship more, even if we can't find time to be alone. Our relationship has to come first, not just for us, but for our kids. It's easy to forget this in the busyness of life and raising kids. I'm fortunate that I have a husband that is concerned about this, and wants to take steps to make sure that our relationship stays strong. I am truly blessed!!
I hope that you all out there will do the same. Take the time to do things that will cultivate your relationship with your husband....find ways to maintain your friendship, and your intimacy. Read a good marriage book (together)...or look up scripture together about marriage, to remew your marital vision. Someday the kids will be gone, and you will have to remember how to relate to each other! I'm hoping those will be good years together, instead of years in which we are just going our seperate I sometimes see with retired couples. I hope that we are still friends who enjoy each other's company. I believe that in order for that to happen, we have to work on it now! Remember, love is a choice that we make, and it takes hard work to keep that love strong and growing.
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  1. I'm glad you got a chance to get away together, alone. I know one of the problems with us is that my whole world is wrapped up in the kids. I don't have a lot of other things going on in my life to talk about...which is something I need to work on! It's hard for me to move out of Mom mode, but it is something I'm working on. Thanks for linking up. I prayed for you and Rob.

  2. Good for you two! Usually the first "date night" after having each of the girls was really - I don't know - awkward almost. We had previously asked the Hartsells to mentor us before it was decided to even have a formal study so that is why we attend theirs. Not to sure about the actual "book study" but we are getting a lot from the group discussion - it is great having Dennis and Mary there as they are a bit more "seasoned" then others;-) A few more years and your older boys can "babysit" - then hopefully you can have weekly date nights!

  3. Good post - it is very hard to prioritize responsibilities and figure out how to make good time for one another, and I only have 2 kids, not 7. I'm glad you found some time together, and hoping that you make a routine out of it, even if just small chats some time after the kids are asleep?! I agree with Mominin in that it is difficult just to find something else to talk about!

  4. Hi Elizabeth -- glad you and your husband had some good alone time. That is necessary for a thriving marriage. Praise the Lord!

    Wanted you to know that I am praying for your Dad...thank you for your comment on my blog and God bless you dear sister.