Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A half hour in the life of the funniest person on Earth!

My hilarious little girl......keep reading to the end for the whole story!!!

Notice the pot lid!! In the laundry room!

Gotta put the socks on!

Hitting Jake with the blanket

Taking the cans out and stakcing them.

Getting into the lazy susan

The last few nights, I have been staying up really late at night. It's summer, and Rob is home, so we tend to be night owls. We have watched a couple of the late night shows here recently. You know what I mean, those guys who come out and tell a bunch of scripted jokes, and think they are hilarious. Well, I have laughed at a couple of things that they have said, but nothing, and noone, compares to the hilariousness (if that is a word) of...........Lillian!

I don't know about anyone else, but 18-24 month olds, are some of my favorite people on Earth. They are just so short, and so funny and cute! I have always adored this phase, and am now enjoying it for the 6th time. However, our Lily is an especially funny little girl. With her blond ringlet curls, and her short, petite stature, and the cute way she immitates words, she always has me laughing. She is also quite goofy. She's alot like her older brother Riley that way. The class clown types.

Today, as I was trying to put together our taco salad for supper, Rob was outside with the older kids, which meant that Lily was hanging out near me. I decided to do a mini documentary on what Lily would do during the time I got dinner ready. Of course this made it take a little longer for supper, but everyone was preoccupied, so noone minded, and my project was priceless. These pictures were the product of my documentary. She started out in the lazy susan. I caught her actually climbing into it (as you can see). She takes out several cans and puts them over on the other side of the refrigerator, she makes a small tower, and then goes back for more cans. She gets sidetracked from that and starts pulling pans and lids out from the cabinet. You'll see later, I saw a lid in the laundry room (which is next to the kitchen). She grabs a baby blanket out of the laundry room, and proceeds to whack poor Jake with it (the dog). She then tower. She goes back to restack her cans! She goes back and forth between the cans and the lazy susan several times, and at one point finds a piece of a wrapper, that she she proceeds to put in the garbage. She goes back to her cans, and remembers her wrapper piece. This requires going back to the garbage to retreive her wrapper.

Her final project before I was finished with dinner, was when i found her back in the laundry room with the pot lid, putting someones socks on her feet. She will proceed to wear this sock hanging down way off her foot, for nearly an hour!

There isn't a comedian out there that is as entertaining as my 19 month old. I also don't believe that there is an adult living on this Earth that has as much energy as she does. This is often challenging. Of course, after I made supper, there were cans to pick up, socks to put back in the basket, a wrapper to reput in the garbage, and the pots and pans to put back in the cabinet. Lots of work, very tiring. A half an hour enjoying the humor of my toddler..........priceless!

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