Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Good evening everyone. I got started a little late on this post tonight. We spent the day with family today.
Due to finances, and having to stick close to home to take care of my dad, we haven't been able to get out much or do anything fancy this summer, so we have worked on our own homeade fun. I will post a picture later, but Rob has made a mini baseball diamond in the backyard for the kids. They are loving it, and wanting to play out there all the time now. fact, I would say, often, the best kind of family fun, is the homeade kind that you create for your own families. Think of ways today that you can create fun for your family. Fun doesn't have to cost money, or be technologically involved. I think my kids appreciate those little homeade fun things that we create for the family, far more than the video games, or the trips to the movies or even the park. Those things are fun, and our family does those things too, but I wonder if they really create the same kind of lasting memories that playing baseball as a family in our own homeade baseball diamond will! What kind of things do you do with your kids for family fun? I'd love to hear about it, even if it isn't homeade. There are lots of ways that we can enjoy our kids and families!

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