Monday, June 15, 2009

Friend Making Monday

Hi all. Kasey at All that is Good, came up with this, and it sounded like fun to me. The theme for this week was confessions. goes.
1) I sometimes listen to my mp3 player, just to tune out my kids while I am working on something. ( I feel really bad about this one!)
2) I occassionally eat the candy (chocolate) that my kids get from AWANA, before they have a chance to. Not all of it, just a piece or two. ( ok, I feel bad about this one too!)
3) I am a little afraid to walk outside by myself at night, even in my own driveway.
4) Although I'm touched when someone asks me how I'm doing, I never know how to respond, because if I'm doing badly, do they really want to know about it?
5) Every once in awhile, I will pretend that I can't smell the dirty diaper in the hopes that someone else will change it. (ok, now I fear that everyone will think, what kind of mother am I?)
Ok, that's all I can handle of that for one night. I hope someone will ease my pain, by leaving me a comment saying..."hey, I've done that too!"
Good night, and remember, it feels good to confess to each other, and realize that we all have our weaknesses, but there is also a God who is waiting to hear from us tonight, and pour out our indescretions to Him as well. He longs to forgive! Good night!


  1. I have done #5 and can relate to #4.

    Happy FMM...have a great week!

  2. #2 and #5, you're not alone! :)

  3. I'm completely with you on 3 and 4!

  4. OK Elizabeth...we must be kindred spirits. I have done all of these. I often hoard candy (always chocolate) and only eat it after they are in bed so I don't have to share!

  5. I'm scared to go outside by myself too, even in my own neighborhood. And I avoid dirty diapers.