Monday, June 1, 2009

Spaghetti Sauce Review

Just a little tidbit of info for anyone out there who wants a cheap spaghetti sauce, but is picky about how their sauce tastes. I have always been a Prego person myself, but obviously that is the more expensive option.
If you have not yet ventured into the world of homeade sauce (which I occasionally have), and you are looking for a cheap, yet good tasting sauce, I highly recommend.............
Aldi's brand spaghetti sauce. Awhile ago I started buying cheaper sauces, Meijer brand (ick), Walmart brand (so, so), but I was always wanted to get closer to the level of good taste that I had with Prego. I found it when I started buying sauce at Aldi's.

I hope this is helpful to someone who wants cheaper sauce, but is picky about the taste (like me).

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  1. We had pasta last night with Prego :) As poor college students though, I think we should start trying the alternative you suggested!