Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Pro-Life News

I'm not sure if you can access this link, if you are not on Facebook, but if you are please check this out, it describes the Freedom of Choice Act, and a bill that was passed by the House, and is on it's way to the Senate, that will promote abortion overseas. Hillary Clinton says that this should be a goal of our country. If you are concerned about pro-life issues, or just want to know more, read about this group, and scroll down to where you can send a quick email to your senator to oppose this bill, and the Freedom of Choice Act. It's so important that we have a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Also, if you are unsure about how our president views abortion, because you have heard different things, please read here, the statements that he made during his campaign, from his own website.
You will often see me discuss pro-life issues on my blog, because the issue is dear to my heart, and I want people to be educated about what is happening in our country. However, if you have a differing opinion, and would like to discuss it in a calm and nonoffensive manner, then feel free to comment, or send me an email. I will be happy to discuss with anyone why I believe so strongly the way that I do about the lives of the unborn. Thanks and God Bless!

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