Sunday, June 7, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday

I've really enjoyed getting in on the Small Town Snapshot Sundays. This week, I am focusing on a small town that is near and dear to our hearts, Buchanan, MI. This is the town that my husband and I lived in when we were first married, and stayed until our oldest son was about 5 months old. We bought a house in the neighboring city of Niles, but we still visit Buchanan often. Buchanan is the epitomy of a small Southwestern Michigan town. Beautiful, quaint, yet full of life!

These first three pictures of of our personal favorite place in Buchanan. A place called Fernwood. This is nature preserve that we have been members of for years, and it is well worth the money! Fernwood, is beautiful, and provides many opportunities for education, appreciation, and even exercise! I highly recommend it, if you are ever in the area!

This is the water wheel!

Two of my little ones enjoying the frog pond.

The herb garden area

Some Saturday afternoon boaters on the Mighty St. Joe River!

I had to have a shot of Lowery's Meat Market....small town America at it's finest!!

This is Redbud track and trail, a national motocross track. Every Sunday you can here the buzzing of the bikers from Redbud, throughout Buchanan. People from all over the country come here!!

These two picture are taken from a five star resort campground nestled in

the outskirts of Buchanan, called Bear Cave. It's a neat place to stay. They

have a cave that you can access through the gift shop, and lots of other activities

to enjoy. If you ever plan to be in this area, and you like to camp, or just want

to come out and see the cave, check them out!!

This is Buchanan High School. The Bucks!!

Here is where they host the Farmers Market during the summer!

There is an old mill near dowtown, called Pears Mill. Here are my

boys pretending that they can lift the old millstones! Notice my little

Lily is trying it too!

The Tin Shop Theatre, the old community Theater!

Downtown. It's a very pretty downtown area. Everyone

knows everyone in Buchanan, and people tend to just hang out

on the weekends.

I highly recommend checking out Buchanan, if you are every down here near Southwest Michigan. There is lots to do, and much beauty to take in!! Hope you all enjoyed it!!
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  1. I loved seeing these photos. Thank you for sharing. I like the water wheel!

    Have a great week,

  2. I love your pictures. I live in a small town and there is nothing like it. I have liked in bigger cities but came back to small town to raise my daughter. Following from MBC

  3. What a pretty little town! Oh, and I love the pig advertising!! : )

  4. I love that waterwheel house! I need to get a pig like that. We have a dinosaur outside our office, but that pig is even more cool! Thanks for doing STSS. I hope you make this a regular event!! :)

  5. I'm having a blast scrolling through all of your enchanting small town photos! The 'Here's the Beef' and 'Fresh Made Brats' made me grin! Too neat!

  6. LOL! I love the picture of your kiddos 'lifting' the millstones! Adorable!

    Stopping by from MBC/Follow Me Club, wanted to let you know I'm following you now! Hope you're having a great Monday!

  7. So many beautiful pictures of your small town. Here's the Beef gave me a laugh. And, your waterwheel, herb garden and children at the frog pond are my favorites. Have a great night.