Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tackling the Trouble Spots Tuesday

Before picture on the left!

This is the trouble spot for the week that I chose to work with. This is my recipe/coupon binder. I used to use it all the time, but I had gotten away from using it . Because Stephanie and Megan have inspired me to start cutting and using coupons again, I chose to fix it up, and start using it again. I wrote more about my motivation for this project on my homeschool blog at wwwlivelearnorganize.blogspot.com. Forgive the look of that blog for a little bit as my hubby was messing with the template, and got it a little out of whack, but it is still functioning! Tell me about your trouble spots today and what you have done to fix them. Also look at Stephanies blog to see what trouble spot she tackled this week!


  1. Elizabeth I love the idea of trouble spot week! Anyway thanks for the post to my site www.strongquiver.blogspot.com
    I'm wondering if you have started the process yet for adoption? My kids were in IBESR one year because we have biological children. When we got in they were still allowing people with kids to adopt and while IBESR they went back to their 1974 law which states you can not have any bio kids. I had planned to adopt more from Haiti, but I will no longer do that after this adoption as it is too hard and probably not possible anyway. We will look into local adoptions in the future. This process has been worst than labor! however, we will percivere. For a whole year and $22000 later we did not even know if they would allow us to adopt. I know a couple with the bio kids that was indeed turned down after in the process so you just don't know. It is a big gamble, but it's even harder now. THe US is not supporting the Haitian adoption process at all. It is very frustrating and even after they are your children the US takes up to 4 months to issue a visa, while Canada take 24 hours! Just thought i'd let ya know. :)

  2. whoopsie i meant persevere.... misspelled it.
    And I thought I'd add, just make sure you are lead by the voice of the Lord and you will be just fine whatever you choose. :)

  3. OK I'm a ding dong. I think i read your email wrong. When rereading it I think you said basically you did inquire about adoption and Haiti said no. I don't know why I was thinking you said you had 3 kids and that my post was giving you hope that you could adopt. I didn't want to be a discourager I just wanted to be honest about the process and save you some grief possibly. Anyhow, now you know how it happened for us. :) I can't wait to visit more of your site now...