Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Child Training Tuesdays- Chore Edition- GIve me your ideas

Hey all. I have a busy day today, but today I want to hear about other households, and chores. What kind of chores do your kids do, and how do you handle payments, or do you pay? If you do pay, how do you help them manage their money, or do you just let them spend at will?

If you have a good system, that works for your family....please share it with me. We are in the process of reevaluating our chore/payment system. I would also love to know what you do to keep your kids motivated to do the chores that you have for them!

Blog about this for me...and come back to leave me your link! If you don't want to blog about it, leave me a comment. We need your help, so help us to be encouraged as we work to develop the best chore/payment system that we can for our kids! Thanks all, and God Bless!


  1. http://ephs432.blogspot.com/2009/06/child-training-tuesdays_30.html

  2. You can check my post @www.homeschoolblogger.com/joelle.
    Next time I am that way (KM), I'll let you know. :-)

  3. We don't have a good system either! I'll be checking to see what others do.

    Our kids do dishes, clean the house (parts), Our oldest just starting mowing part of the lawn, fold laundry (sometimes), of course pick up the toys/things around house. They are very helpful but we don't pay on a regular basis. I try to set aside around $5. a week to pay out when I see someone helping out a lot. or I'll say sweep the house get a $1. who wants a job. Things like that. Nothing set in stone but i guess it works for us for now!

  4. I wrote a post about it. http://aimeesland.blogspot.com/

    Great topic, by the way...something we've always struggled with.

  5. We do a system similiar to the Duggars and Maxwells. It's a chore packet system. I took photos of each thing the children can do in the house(if your children can read you don't need pictures - just write them out). Then I printed them off on regular paper and laminated them and put them in an envelope like a deck of cards.

    Then I went to office max and bought name badges that can be clipped on or wore around their neck like a necklace.

    Each evening I go through their cards and put them into their packet. After breakfast, I give them each their packet and they wear it until their chores are complete. Then they bring me the packet and I go through the chore cards and be sure they are all complete. If there is more for them to do that day I refill it for the afternoon.

    There's no nagging involved, confusion, charts to fill out - (Yuk - I hate charts - I can't keep up with them!) - it's simple and they do very well with it.

    At the end of the week they each get a quarter a day. If they missed a day I dock them a quarter.

    If there is a big chore to do such as cleaning the basement - I call that a bonus chore and they may get extra money that day or a treat like an ice cream cone when the job is complete.

    Today after breakfast my son n(age 6) cleaned the tub, sink, watered the flowers in the front yard, made his bed, cleaned up his toys and got dressed.

    My daughter age 4 - got dressed, cleaned up her toys, made her bed, wiped out a different sink, watered the flowers in the back yard and straightened the shoes by the door.

    Someday I will blog about this :-)